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Feed your Soul with…

I have seen such people…
They fulfilled each of their wish – like every random wish, basically without thinking about right or wrong, they went with the “flow” and listened to their hearts/nafs (in this case).

Today! They are questioning their lives, their life has lost all the meaning, charm and excitement because they fulfilled their desires in haram ways.

All that can be seen in their eyes is a dead person, they dress up, hangout yet there is a constant vacuum inside them (literally).

But why does it matter? Why am I bringing this up? ▪
People nowadays think (infact believe) that Islam forbids everything, everything is haram in Islam and that they can hardly do anything if they follow Islam.

Well my dear brothers and sisters, It is not Islam that forbids everything, it is our society that has adopted everything which is Haram in the eyes of ALLAH, which ALLAH forbids only because it is harmful for no one but us (but we don’t realize).

Weren’t there any hobbies in the early times? Didn’t people joke or have fun? Haven’t you heard about how ALLAH’s Prophet (SAW) used to joke and play with his wives and companions.

But today the vulgarity is so common that it seems quite abnormal being decent.

An awake person knows its simply not worth disobeying ALLAH Subhanawa ta’alah, no matter what! ☝

After all, this Dunya is as much as one grain of sand while the rest of the desert is the Akhirah (do correct me if I am wrong here).

How foolish it is to follow your heart and end up being a hopeless person in this life as well as in the hereafter and face that shame in ourselves and the anger of ALLAH on the day of judgement..(Allah ho Akbar 😭) ▪
Jim Carrey says: “I wish everyone was wealthy and popular, so they would know that this is not the answer.” Then, what is the answer?

We need to feed two things; our body (temporarily) and our soul (which will last forever), but we forget the later one.

Feed your souls; with Zikr of Allah and Ibadah because it is the most funadamental purpose of our creation.

وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَالْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ○
“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” (51:56)
جزاک اللہ 💞

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Food for soul…

Imagine, you and me are gathered on the day of judgement, hearts filled with the fret and eyes shedding enormous amount of tears, unconscious of how we are dressed or look for we don’t know where we stand in the Eyes of Allah and which side (good deeds side or bad deeds side) of our balance is going to be heavier. Our bodies are shaking because we realize we have been so neglecting towards Salahs, Quran and basic rulings of Islam. 😭

Can we really compromise the day of resurrection’s relief for some worldly temporary pleasure? 😔

A little humbleness shown today, few moments of kindness, some days of truthfulness and a life of honesty can take us closer to the Heavens, a literally ‘happily ever after’ and above all our Salahs that hardly take 1 hour of whole day can make us among those who will have the honor to see the Lord of the Heavens and Earth and of the Universe, the perfect entity, and our only Provider Allah Almighty. 😍

On the other hand, even if we get all the worldly pleasures we wish for today, they are hardly gonna last for a couple of decays, so, is it really worth it? 🤔

I am leaving you a question here.

The short sleep we get by not waking up for fajr, and the enjoyment after talking behind someone’s back, dressing un-modestly cause we love getting compliments (and the list goes on, unfortunately) is that all worth burning in hell for decays? Does it do justice and can protect us on Yaum’id deen?

And before we even think, yeah well Allah is Ghaffoor and Raheem (which indeed He is) Let me share with you this ayah where Allah says:

The repentance accepted by Allah is only for those who do wrong in ignorance [or carelessness] and then repent soon after. It is those to whom Allah will turn in forgiveness, and Allah is ever Knowing and Wise. (An-nisa 4:17)

Furthermore, Allah speaks about those who on the contrary keep doing the sins until they reach their death-bed and then they make repentance, they no longer deserve Allah’s mercy. (Astaghfirullah 😭) He says in next ayah:

But repentance is not [accepted] of those who [continue to] do evil deeds up until, when death comes to one of them, he says, “Indeed, I have repented now,” or of those who die while they are disbelievers. For them We have prepared a painful punishment. (An-nisa 4:18)

Do I and you know if we are going to live the next moment?
May Allah forgive us, guide us and make us among those with whom He will be pleased on the day of Judgement. Say, Amin :’)


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To me rain is like a…

Rain is a catalyst, a positive catalyst for feelings.

I mean whatever you are feeling Rain has the power to intensify your feeling.
If I am sad… I will be even sadder during rain, and if I am happy, I will be even happier!

The feeling of loneliness will increase when you hear the clouds thundering.

The teary eyes become even heavier and sometimes old stuffed tears roll out of your eye because ‘it… is… raining.’

What do you think? What’s rain?

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Feel sad? This can make your day.

This world never fails at surprising me with the deepest kind of beauty, that be;

kids’ reaction to ugly face/body as if they are just as beautiful as any other face,

the kindness in one’s heart for a stranger,

the unconditional love b/w spouses even when they have reached into their 70s & 80s,

and when that weak/old lady acts stronger than an adult breaking all the stereotypes.

It is just a glimpse of the beauty that nature posseses and always ready to share with you, look around, explore it yourself and get ready to be left astounded! :’)

I don’t know about love but beauty is definitely in the air!

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What is the most advanced form of fashion?

Entering into an organization or company with your face covered in a veil, where the norms of professional dressing are entirely opposite, doesn’t seem a very hard thing to do now. ( May Allah help me stay consistent)
Since I have the realization that this kind of dressing is the most advanced form of fashion, it truly is!
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Be a Champion

We have a problem, we want it quickly. Whatever we put effort in we are restless to get exceptional results in a very less time. And believe me it’s not wrong either. So, what to do? In order to find peace and be content with the “slow result productivity process”.

I say just have these 4 things:

  1. Be consistent in your efforts.
  2. Appreciate and trust yourself, donot scold or degrade yourself rather pump yourself up by saying things like ‘yeah! You can do it, you are a champ dude!” (bcoz you are a champ).
  3. And Trust Allah The Almighty God…. because He promises to give results of our efforts. Even if a non-muslim does good deeds he gets its results in this dunya so trust.
  4. And Thank Him(God), Thank Him, Thank Him! Say Alhumdulillah No matter what. Soon you would realize it was worth it.
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Teensy, Naughty Luck

You will often find yourself coming across a dilemma, a confusion or may be an excess of opportunities. Each path looks good, now the question isn’t if to choose good or bad, but to identify which is better. Here kicks in your power of foreseeing, how better you can foresee the impacts caused of either of the decisions made. But suddenly a teensy, naughty buddy strikes in known as ‘luck’, and it is the point where all your predictions go surprisingly right or terribly wrong.

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11 Marketing Tips You Must Know

Imagine a business with cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure, fabricating tremendous gadgets, practicing best quality raw materials and magnificent robotics in it. Their production has always been a record breaker! But still, it’s never competent enough to earn the appraised profit. Reason being the revenue invested in marketing the products was not sufficient. Solution?

According to Thumb’s rule, total revenue × 5% must be the marketing budget in order to preserve current mindfulness, while total revenue × 10% for a gain and progression in market share.

Let’s take a look on some of the exponentially growing business and their marketing budgets:

Salesforce – Invests 53% of their revenue in marketing! More than half of their revenue! And what they get in a profit of such a hefty investment? They got 33% revenue growth over a year! It was sure worth it!

Constant Contact – Invests 38% of their total revenue and earned a revenue growth of 16% over a year!

Marketo – Invests 66% of their revenue, yes 66%! And in return relishes 56% of growth in the revenue over a year. Woah!

Twitter – Spends 33% of the revenue in business getting 111% of growth in revenue! More than double the investment! Out of words, Right?!

Still any suspicions? The statistics indicate businesses with meager marketing strategies get crumbled over by others in a flash of an eye. One must be cognizant of the following guidelines that can assist marketing your product/service over a comprehensive range in less time!

Brand it!

Once you build your brand’s recognition among budding customers you are on the way! When people start conversing about it what else is needed. You have to make it so viral that everybody says “Oh yes! I have heard about it!” It’s the first chapter of your success story.

Achieve Customer Intimacy

By hosting solutions of precise glitches helps to intimate customers. You need to hit the nerve with an optimal solution, in a way that no other way is left except for buying your product. Well said on HubSpot, “You’re in business because you provide solutions.”

Nostalgia, positive this time

Journal of Consumer Research study have exposed when a person is nostalgic it’s easy for them to pay more than in usual state. Making customers look back to the past and recapping negative experiences helps convincing them to pay more money while giving hopes of a cheerful forthcoming is not a good preference relatively. That might be a reason why Coca-Cola launched a campaign evoking back to the 90’s instants.

Alluring Logo and packaging

The primary thing a customer grasps in any product is its label, logo, and presentation. If you lead in this extent you will make through it effortlessly. Keep the logo eye-catching and abidingly designed, distinctiveness is a must perimeter yet it should be understandable, one of a kind and one that gets wedged in mind.

Marketing through Influencers

As soon as the credibility of a product upturns it scopes customers’ reliance. Individual trending most and persuading the most should be featured in the advertisements. The more influencing the person is the more customers it fascinates and the product gains the required build-up. A home furnishing store, Lowe permitted trending bloggers and famous designers to take over her Instagram profile for some days and hence she was able to catch a number of new audience in no time.

Determine target audience

When the point of focus is firm it is easily and swiftly reachable. A Certain class of individuals if besieged there are more chances of constructive outcomes, on the contrary just broadcasting your message will not only lead to high costing but negligible results in the end. Like, Nishat Linen will never post an ad on a billboard positioned near an industrial area but a place usually swarming with women like malls or residential area.

Hear from your Customers

Allow customers to reach you in the case of any interrogation and then be responsive to them, build such forums where customers can interrelate with company partaking feedback. These web forums will eventually work as spontaneous marketing tools. In addition, each time you acquire feedback it will contribute in refining your product and service. Like Oracle has its forum where people post their inquiries and get the answers shortly.

Social Media – A timeless weapon

Marketing your product via social media is an evergreen strategy. It alone can help you get 50% of the required attention or even more. All the social events, seminars, and even television programs are marketed through social media. It’s a global platform and you can reach an infinite audience at once, what else you want!

Think out of the box

It’s not necessary to play safe all the time. You need to be little weird to show up differently. For example; unlike the conventional ads Ufone attempted an entirely new approach to marketing via funny ads before these ads were meant to be very decent. This new approach catches everyone’s eye and hence they succeed.

Offline marketing possibilities

You can market the product offline as well. Suppose hire a graffiti artist and try out having painted sects, or cabs with your logo on it, organizing concerts with your name used. The possibilities are limitless. An example is Football tournament’s poster all over a passer-by bridge, it appeared like the player is somersaulting from one road to another to catch the ball.

Embrace customer’s content

Use the customers’ reactions to your marketing content. It is accomplished by letting customers share their stories, exchange their ideas and even providing them tools to create a sort of ad for you. Keratin Hair products used the strategy after serving celebrities and then used their feedback as their marketing content. This engaged numerous customers towards Keratin.

Leading a prosperous business forthrightly means exceptional marketing. If not prearranged a profound thought, a heavy forfeiture can encounter your business. A fruitful marketing is not accomplished merely by investing a rigorous volume of revenue in your marketing budget, but also select a policy cautiously that takes the business in long-standing reimbursements.