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Teensy, Naughty Luck

You will often find yourself coming across a dilemma, a confusion or may be an excess of opportunities. Each path looks good, now the question isn’t if to choose good or bad, but to identify which is better. Here kicks in your power of foreseeing, how better you can foresee the impacts caused of either of the decisions made. But suddenly a teensy, naughty buddy strikes in known as ‘luck’, and it is the point where all your predictions go surprisingly right or terribly wrong.

Solution? Do not give ‘luck’ that space or time to strike in, plan in little phases you know! Like ‘sprints’ we develop every few weeks of a software, same way take a few months or weeks split up plans in chunks.

Another good idea is… to give ‘luck’ a chance, it is not that cruel always!

Whatever you do, keep moving, yearning and urging for growth and improvement being stuck in one place due to the fear of any failure is the biggest failure unquestionably!



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