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What is the most advanced form of fashion?

Entering into an organization or company with your face covered in a veil, where the norms of professional dressing are entirely opposite, doesn’t seem a very hard thing to do now. ( May Allah help me stay consistent)
Since I have the realization that this kind of dressing is the most advanced form of fashion, it truly is!

Burj is a term it means something that is decorated so much with the intent to seek the attention of everyone (like Burj-al-Arab), that was how non-believer women in Ayyam-e-Jahlia (days of ignorance) used to dress like Burjs, elongated decorated figures.

By the time Islam entered Arab it was replaced by a rather modest dressing.

I am not pointing at anyone here, God Forbid. I am myself way far from righteousness.

I just have a very sincere and humble request for you, my Sisters whichever level of hijab you are on ( i.e. a scarf, an abaya n scarf or niqaab) please maintain it, fight for it and do not let anybody tell you that it’s not so cool. Because believe me it is the coolest and most advanced dressing out here.

And any of my Sister if has any question related to hijab just comment below, I am more than open to answer them.
May Allah guide me and all of us. Aameen.



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