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Be a Champion

We have a problem, we want it quickly. Whatever we put effort in we are restless to get exceptional results in a very less time. And believe me it’s not wrong either. So, what to do? In order to find peace and be content with the “slow result productivity process”.

I say just have these 4 things:

  1. Be consistent in your efforts.
  2. Appreciate and trust yourself, donot scold or degrade yourself rather pump yourself up by saying things like ‘yeah! You can do it, you are a champ dude!” (bcoz you are a champ).
  3. And Trust Allah The Almighty God…. because He promises to give results of our efforts. Even if a non-muslim does good deeds he gets its results in this dunya so trust.
  4. And Thank Him(God), Thank Him, Thank Him! Say Alhumdulillah No matter what. Soon you would realize it was worth it.